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22 Everyday Essentials Worth Stocking Up On During Cyber Monday

Sometimes, it’s the little things that can bog a person down, like a lunch box that leaks or an umbrella that breaks in a downpour. At Wirecutter, we specialize in finding everyday items that are actually well designed and a joy to use. We’ve discovered that these things can make us feel lighter, happier, and more focused on what really matters. Here are the best Cyber Monday deals we’ve spotted on essentials—from razors to spatulas—that will elevate your day-to-day.

Here’s the deal

  • Here’s the deal
  • A durable coffee mug
  • The best personal blender
  • An excellent dish rack to make dish washing easier
  • Our favorite tumbler
  • Comfortable, supportive insoles
  • A versatile white tee
  • Cute and comfortable bras
  • A pencil eyeliner with staying power
  • A little less for the best body razors and handle
  • Savings on the best face razor
  • A feature-packed electric razor
  • An effective electric toothbrush
  • A stylish and helpful toilet stool
  • Great sunscreen for any season
  • Reef-safe sun protection
  • Safe and effective bug spray
  • A longer, stronger charging cable for your iPhone
  • A durable iPhone case
  • A bright rechargeable flashlight
  • A basic home toolkit
  • A handy utility knife
  • Trusty yellow pencils

You can find details on each of these items written by the Wirecutter staff by clicking here.


May 9, 2022

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