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The 2021 Trans North Georgia Adventure (TNGA) just kicked off, and we’ve once again worked with this year’s riders to assemble a list of rigs and gear details for the rugged 350-mile mountain bike route. Check out our gallery of more than 50 Rigs of the 2021 TNGA here…

Written by Miles Arbour

The Trans North Georgia Adventure (TNGA) is a 350-mile mountain bike route across northern Georgia on trails, featuring challenging terrain, beautiful scenery, and a whole lot of climbing—over 50,000 feet, as claimed by race organizers. The route snakes through the southern Appalachian mountains from South Carolina to Alabama, following a variety of riding surfaces including smooth and chunky gravel, pavement, root-strewn singletrack, rocky ridgeline trails, abandoned roadbeds, and the occasional bushwhack. Between steep, quad-wrenching climbs and screaming descents, there are even rail-grade flat sections. The TNGA throws in a little bit of everything.

The current fastest known time is held by 25-year-old James Dunaway of Dahlonega, Georgia, who just completed the route in 1 day, 16 hours, and 54 minutes (1d:16:54). And last year, Jakub Jiracek set a new singlespeed record of 60 hours. There are no entry fees, prizes, or podiums, but you can bet someone will be gunning for a course record this year nonetheless.

The 2021 TNGA has nearly 120 riders registered on Trackleaders, with staggered starts from August 20th to 22nd and some others taking on individual time trials around the same time (read up on how to followit here). As always, we’ve worked with the participants of this year’s event to collect bike and gear info for more than 50 riders who are tackling the route. Scroll through and get a good look at everyone’s rig and then head over to the 2021 TNGA event Tracker page to follow along live.


May 7, 2022

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