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Dog and Person sitting in a cut out rock fromation looking out at the open.
Article  Oct 18, 2021

SELF: 33 Practical Gifts for Hikers That Go the Extra Mile

Orange Small Sawyer Mini Water Filter with a Sawyer Pouch, Straw, and Syringe
Article  Oct 18, 2021 10 Best Survival Water Filters of October 2021

Best Gravity Water Filters text over multiple water filters in the background
Article  Oct 18, 2021

WaterFilterGuru: Best Gravity Water Filters of 2021

Sawyer Products 20% Picaridin Insect Repellent, Continuous Spray, 6oz, Blue
Article  Oct 18, 2021 10 BEST Picaridin Mosquito Repellents of October 2021

Article  Oct 18, 2021

NY Mag -The Strategist: The Best Items to Stock for Any Emergency, According to Survivalists

A goldenrod bottle of Sawyer Premium Permethrin Insect Repellent for Clothing, Gear, & Tents
Article  Oct 18, 2021 10 Best Tick Repellents of October 2021

Insect Repellent

A Sawyer water filter.

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