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59 Summer Problems Solved – From Sunburn and Sweating to Wasps and Wedgies

Limp salad, bad barbecues, jellyfish stings and chafing. Summer can be a tricky season – but our experts are on hand to help with your hot-weather headaches.

Worrisome wasps
“If you eat near still water you’ll get a lot more insects than if you have a bit of a breeze,” says Ben Quinn, chef and founder of Woodfired Canteen. “But ultimately, if you go to mother nature’s dining room, there will be others at your table. Pack a few sacrifices to the god of the wasps in the form of diluted jam in a mug for them to focus on.” You’re better off firing up the barbecue, he adds: “The smoke annoys insects, so they avoid it.” Simon Stallard, chef and founder of the Hidden Hut cafe in Cornwall, says wait until the last second to open anything sugary: “Cakes, fizzy drinks, ketchup – that’s what they’re attracted to.”

Continue reading to learn more about solving summer problems, written by Laura Potter.


July 8, 2024

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Laura Potter

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Editor, writer and interviewer. I have written for The Observer Magazine, The Guardian's Saturday magazine, The Times Magazine, Women's Health, Men's Health, Stylist, Shortlist, Glamour, Men's Fitness, The Sun on Sunday's Fabulous Magazine, Healthy, Closer, G2, Cosmo Body, Prima, Bella, Boots Health & Beauty, Motability's Lifestyle magazine and Netdoctor.

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