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Vera Bradley’s Cambodia Clean Water Project to Provide 800 Factory Workers with Water Filtration Systems to Improve the Health of Families without Clean Water

The Vera Bradley Project is extremely important to the people of Cambodia, and we are honored to be a part of it.”— Sean Kappauf, Executive Director, One ATTA Time

QUINCY, CA, USA, February 1, 2022 / -- Vera Bradley, Inc. (Nasdaq: VRA; “Vera Bradley” or the “Company”), an iconic lifestyle brand, has partnered with One ATTA Time, an organization providing clean water in Vietnam, Columbia, El Salvador, Honduras, Uganda, Mexico, Fiji, the Caribbean and the USA, to provide clean water to 800 employees at a contracted manufacturing facility in Cambodia. Though one of the fastest growing economies in Asia, more than two million people in Cambodia lack access to safe water. Vera Bradley, known for its “VB Cares” corporate responsibility program, is committed to making the world a brighter place by caring for people and the planet.

Vera Bradley’s Cambodia Clean Water Project will give recipients access to safe, clean water at home, helping to prevent families and children from becoming ill due to water-born illnesses. Each worker will receive an innovative and environmentally sustainable water filtration system featuring Sawyer filters and other materials provided by One ATTA Time. Each filtration system is designed to provide clean water for an estimated 20+ years.

“Readily accessible, safe-to-drink water is something many of us take for granted, but it is a constant concern for millions of people around the world. While Vera Bradley is unable to solve the global water crisis alone, we are proud to partner with One ATTA Time to make a difference in the lives of 800 Cambodian families for years to come. We hope our efforts inspire others to take action, too,” said Stephanie Scheele, Vera Bradley’s Chief Purpose and Communication Officer.

Vera Bradley’s Cambodia Clean Water Project is anticipated to be implemented in early 2022. One ATTA Time will teach each family how to care for their filtration system to extend its life and effectiveness. As with many of One ATTA Time’s clean water projects around the world, the improved health of the families receiving water filtration systems in Cambodia will be carefully monitored and documented.

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December 3, 2023

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