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OCALA NATIONAL FOREST: An (Epic) Guide to Florida’s Hidden Gem

A Primeval Forest in the Wild Heart of Florida – Ocala National Forest

If you think you have a handle on what America’s national forests are supposed to look like, the Ocala National Forest will have you thinking again. In the wild heart of Florida lies this primeval forest teeming with rare birds, alligators, manatees, and jaw-droppingly beautiful natural springs.

That’s right, the oldest national forest in the eastern United States is found here in the untamed bottom lands of Florida and it’s a must-visit.

So, to properly capture this other-worldly destination, we partnered with the Ocala/Marion County Visitors and Convention Bureau to create a breathtaking film on the forest.

The results are pretty stunning if I do say so.

About Our Travels to Ocala National Forest

I traveled to Ocala in July of 2021 with my brother Will to make our film on the forest and we were blown away by the immense beauty of the place. The forests are teeming with birds and all manners of wildlife and ribbons and pools of water shape this unique and wonderful wild place.

No you won’t find the mountain peaks and valleys commonly associated with other national forests here. Instead you’ll enter a dense world of quiet beauty, where sandy longleaf pines sway and old oaks bend, where toads croak and birds chirp, and where alligators swim and manatees play.

Yes there’s a quiet, intimate beauty to be found in the Ocala National Forest and it’s sure to amaze you if you let it.

Keep on reading to explore this magical place.


September 27, 2023

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