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CM’s Top 10 Organizations Changing the World at Florida State University

Students join campus organizations for many reasons. They might need community service hours, maybe they think it looks good on their resume or maybe their friend begged them to join with them. Some people, however, want to help change the world. No matter the reason, Florida State University’s options seem infinite, especially for community-service-based organizations. Instead of scrolling for hours on NoleCentral looking for the right one, I picked the top ten best ones, and they make the world a better place at the same time.



Many people take the luxury of clean water for granted. I mean, we need water to live. Still, many communities around the world do not get the resources to access it. The Maji Project aims to change that. The organization makes a change by fundraising for a Sawyer POINTOne Water Filter for underdeveloped communities. The Maji Project at FSU raises awareness of the global water crisis and the importance of clean water. This crisis, however, means more beyond cleanliness.

“The crisis not only refers to access of clean water but also to sanitation and hygiene,” Florida State University junior Cara Gillespie said. “Lack of clean and safe water places a heavy burden on a community’s access to education, health, and general wellbeing.”

The Maji Project wants to help encourage a decrease in the negative effects, creating a world filled with more opportunities. While advocating for reducing water waste and the water crisis, the members learn a lot, including new things about themselves.

“[Before the Maji Project] I lived a life of privilege and often did things out of convenience or desire, such as taking long showers or using plastic water bottles,” Gillespie said. “However, being a member of this organization has inspired me to make intentional changes in my life so that I can be a better global citizen.”

Recognizing areas in need of improvement in one’s own life allows them to better educate others. The change starts with you. Once you make the change within, you can start to change the world around you.

Are you interested in learning more of the impactful organizations at Florida State? You can find by Sara Sanfilippo's complete article here.


December 3, 2023

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