Zelzin Aketzalli


My name is Zelzin Aketzalli, I am the only person from Mexico to complete the Triple Crown of hiking. My Trail name is Quetzal, but I have also received nicknames such as the Mexican and the hiking queen.One of the things that characterizes me the most is not giving up due to obstacles, my country Mexico taught me to survive, that's why I see mountains as a lifestyle that changed my perspective with which I saw life.My first hike in my entire life was the Pacific Crest Trail in 2017, I had no experience as a hiker or mountaineer, but I had always been a high performance athlete. That year the PCT had a lot of snow for my fortune I did not know snow and I did not know how to speak English, which helped me to cross the Sierra Nevada in May, sometimes it is better not to know more than you should know.

Zelzin posing in front of snow on mountain

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