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Gabaccia admires an outdoor view with blue skies

Gabaccia Moreno is a first-generation Mexican-American multi-disciplinary creator, consultant, and passionate outdoor advocate #ExploringResponsibly wherever life takes her. She holds a B.A. in Theater and Anthropology from SUNY College at Buffalo and an M.A. in Performance Studies from New York University. Having grown up in Veracruz, Mexico to a family of hunters and ranchers gave her an appreciation for the land and its wildlife at an early age, one that prevails today. Her works, whether artistic, creative, or entrepreneurial, have always intersected with the social and environmental issues that surround her. 

She currently serves as National Monuments Fellow (via The Wyss Foundation) at Nuestra Tierra Conservation Project, where she wakes up daily to ensure historically deliberately excluded communities have access to the process of protecting our lands and waters. She’s also the Executive Director of The Outdoorist Oath, an organization creating educational tools and models to help and encourage people to become allies for planet, inclusion, and adventure. Gabaccia also acts as Director of Social Responsibility on the board of Hiking My Feelings. Other recent credits include contributions to Backpacker Magazine, hosting her own Live conversation series named Exploring Responsibly and Explorando Responsablemente on Instagram, and being the 2021 resident host for the She Explores Podcast. In her free time you’ll find her writing, advising businesses and nonprofits, or adventuring outside, probably taking photos, fishing, backpacking, hiking, practicing yoga, or conspiring to make the outdoors more welcoming for all.

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