First Aid

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If I am allergic to bees, can I carry The Extractor® pump in as a substitute for my Epipen®?

No. If you are known to be allergic, you should always carry an Epipen® pen. Though the Sawyer Extractor Pump Kit is designed to achieve rapid relief from the pain or itching that comes from a bite. It is not medication.

Is there a truly effective solution to treat a venomous bite in the field?

The Sawyer Extractor® Pump Kit is the only medically approved device for treating snakebites. When used quickly after a bite, later treatment results may be significantly improved. Some doctors even recommend carrying and applying two pumps, one for each fang bite site.

If I get bit by a venomous snake and quickly use the Extractor Pump, I’m good…Right?

The Sawyer Extractor Pump Kit has been used successfully for over 30 years as a supplement to medical treatments of snake bite and for bee sting venom, targeting initial removal in the field. The victim should ALWAYS be taken to the closest hospital or urgent care facility for further examination and medical treatment.