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MISSIONWe inspire women who have access to clean water to get it to those who do not.

Empowering women around the world to serve their communities and maintain health and wellness for their families is the core of our mission. We envision a world where everyone will have access to clean safe water to drink as a human right.

We align ourselves with strategic partners, in-country organizations, and community leaders to provide reliable, affordable and sustainable clean water solutions. We travel to remote regions to train women by demonstrating the filter system. Since 2016, our campaigns have funded clean water initiatives in 19 countries impacting hundreds of thousands of lives.

When Jane Brinton met Spryte Loriano in Ecuador they shared stories of Africa and what it meant not to have safe water to drink. Seeing women fetch water from contaminated sources struck a chord. At that moment they both said “water bearers” and took it as a sign to birth a movement of intentional service. Joined by Erin Toppenberg, the trio launched a women-led 30-day fundraising campaign for World Water Day.

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