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The Mission of Give Clean Water is to provide a sustainable clean drinking water solution to every person who needs it. Our strategy is to solve one country’s water problem, then move to the next country, and the next.

Our current project focuses on the 1200 rural villages of the Fiji Island chain, where more than half the Fijian population lives and drinks contaminated water every day. Working in direct partnership with the Fiji Ministry of Health staff, we prioritize villages with water borne sickness, collect health data from every family, install Sawyer Point One filters and teach basic hygiene, and orchestrate monthly follow ups by the local health workers to ensure the sustainability of this clean drinking water solution.

Give Clean Water has been adopted as Fiji’s “best practice” for treating their rural water problems. In the past 5 years, the Health Ministry has documented that there has never been a reoccurrence of any water borne sickness in any of the villages in which Give Clean Water has installed Sawyer water filters.

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