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National parks and campgrounds are busier than ever—here's what you should pack to prepare

For many families in the U.S., it's time to hit the road for highly-anticipated summer excursions as more and more campsites, parks and nearby restaurants and gift shops open their doors for travelers again. But, just like beach towns, amusement parks and several other hot summer spots are packed to the brim with tourists and locals alike, making wait times for just about anything longer than you may expect.

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National parks and campgrounds are no exception—Arches National Park in Utah is on its way to having its busiest year ever and Yellowstone National Park already saw a record number of visitors back in May. Before making your way to the great outdoors this summer, it's best to come as prepared as possible with the right hiking and camping gear. That way, you can avoid any unnecessary pit stops and spend more time with your family sightseeing and creating new memories.

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December 3, 2023

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