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Horns Hooves and Coats: A 2022 AT Gear List

Gear List!

Just as the mountain goat is aptly equipped for its goatish adventures, so too have I become well equipped for the Appalachian trail… or so I believe. After hours of research, and countless trial hikes, I have finally settled on my gear picks. Naturally, the flip-flop will dissect and consume any and all of my choices, spitting me out the other end with something completely different. So, just as the seasons claim a goat’s horns, the trail shall claim my gear. Without further ado: the gear list.

TLDR: Here’s my complete list on Lighterpack

The Big 3-ish

Shelter: Zpacks DupleXL

Humming and hawing, the final shelter decision was not made without great deliberation. Initially, my husband and I intended on bringing the Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL 3 (BA CS). However, the aforementioned tent, despite all its niceties and livability, has an Achilles heal: its fabric. Unfortunately, The BA CS is primarily made with silicon-treated nylon, which is a dynamic fabric and tends to sag when soaking wet. Given that the Appalachian Trail is infamous for its precipitation, we decided a Dyneema tent would be better suited to the task.

Backpack: Zpacks Arc Scout 50L

The Arc Scout was one of the best purchases I have ever made. Previously, I carried two other amazing bags: the Osprey Aura 50L (O.A), and the Gossamer Gear Kumo 36L (Kumo). When considering both backpacks in the context of this trail, I found the O.A was too heavy, and the Kumo was too small. However, each of these backpacks has marked features that I wished were married in one: the ventilation and weight distribution from the framed O.A, and the ultralight sleek design of the Kumo. Luckily, this is where the Arc Scout comes in! Zpacks managed to make a Dyneema ultralight backpack, with an ultralight frame.

An aside: similar to the Arc Blast, and Arc Haul, the Arc Scout has adjustable straps which bow the bag away from your back, but the Scout was made for shorter torsos—thanks Zpacks!

Bonus Goat fact: you can customize the pack to help you do your goat things!

… I added hip belt pockets for my tactical snacticals, and an umbrella holster for being lazy.

Sleep System: Revelation, Xtherm, Aeros Premium

Just like seeing a goat on an impossible ledge, when you see my sleep system you will be confused. “GOAT?! What are you DOING??”

As we slip into the realm of sleep stuff, I find myself chomping at the bit to introduce my quilt; it’s likely my favorite piece on this gear list. Weighing in at 17.5oz, this teeny tiny quilt is light, cozy, and made just for me… let me give you those sweet, sweet specs: 950 fill power, 20F, draft collars, hot pink 10D nylon on the outside, and charcoal 7D nylon on the inside. She’s pretty, she’s cozy, and she’s light. Though, my favorite thing about this quilt is the customization option that most other quilts lack: extra short, and slim. With these customizations, I carry what I need, and nothing more.

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October 20, 2023

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