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Best Prime Day Camping Deals 2021: Deals to Shop Today

Amazon’s Prime Day sales event extravaganza is coming this June. We don’t know the exact dates for Prime Day 2021, but pent-up demand will lead to unprecedented numbers of Prime Day deals in all product categories. We’ve done the work for you to prepare for seasonal recreational goods and equipment, including the best Prime Day camping deals. Get ready to up-level your existing equipment and to save on camping equipment items you’ve dreamed about because 2021’s Prime Day camping sales are going to be awesome.

What Prime Day Camping Deals to Expect

In a word: everything. Or at least every category of camping equipment. You may not find a specific model on sale during Prime Day, but you can pick any camping equipment category, from tents to sleeping bags, cooking gear, lighting, bug spray, tools, you name it and you’ll be able to find awesome Prime Day camping sales.

What Prime Day Camping Deals We Saw Last Year

Because Prime Day 2020 was delayed until October because of the pandemic, seasonal products such as camping equipment that most people buy in the spring or summer weren’t expected to be big sellers. Amazon did drop the prices dramatically on tents such as the highly-rated Wenzel 8-person Klondike Tent and the Coleman Camping Dome Tent with Screen Room. In both cases, however, Amazon’s prices were even lower in the early summer. So this year when Prime Day camping sales happen in the summer, you can expect the very best prices of the year.

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May 7, 2022

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