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Allgood’s gift guide by Whitney "Allgood" LaRuffa

It’s the season of celebrating, and this time of year wouldn’t be complete without giving that special hiking partner in your life a gift for them to enjoy out in the boonies.  While it can be hard to buy gear for others without knowing just how light they want to keep their kit, here are a few items we here at Six Moon Designs think will keep a smile on any outdoor user’s face.

Gifts under $25

Nite Ize gear ties $5-$6

The Nite Ize Gear Tie are a rubber coated twist tie that come in various sizes.  I first discovered them as way to manage all the cables I must carry for charging devices, and they work great.  Then one day my hiking partner FeMike said, “you know if you get the 18” one it’s a great way to hang your gravity filter system on trail”. Mind blown and now my go to way to hang water in the backcountry

Nite Ize Moonlit Micro Lantern $10

This little 19g light is a perfect way to illuminate the inside of your shelter during the long evenings of shoulder season.  With a 360 swivel an integrated hook to hang from inside the tent, this little lamp is great for reading and will save that precious headlamp battery for the miles you may want to hike in the dark.

6-piece Tent Stake Set $15

Lets’ face it any shelter you take out on the trail is going to require stakes, so why not grab a shiny new 6 pack to get you out there in style.  If you’re like me, you probably bent and broke a few stakes this past season when you tried to use that rock to hammer a stake into some hard packed or rocky soil.

Tyvek Footprint $14 - $16

If you want to avoid having to dumpster dive at the job site of that new home being built by you for a few Tyvek scraps, we got you covered.  Our non-printed Tyvek is a great lightweight and durable choice to use as a groundsheet while cowboy camping or under your shelter to help extend the life of the floor.  Available in both small and large sizes, this little ground cover is sure to keep you and your inflatable pad happy.

Read more of Allgood's entire gift list here.


October 22, 2023

Written by
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Whitney "Allgood" LaRuffa

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