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Squeeze filters, straw filters, and pump filters are all great for turning questionable water clear, but they all require the use of your hands and take up your valuable time. Gravity filters, however, offer a convenient hands-free solution. Instead of forcing water through your filter, a gravity system lets gravity do the work of pulling the water down from a hanging reservoir, through a water filter, and into a waiting receptacle.

We like the freedom that gravity filters give us to accomplish other tasks while water filtration duties are delegated to gravity, so we went looking for the best ones to bring with us when we need sanitary water. We learned a lot during our testing, and we’ve compiled all of it into the following seven reviews. Hopefully, once you’ve read them, you’ll know exactly which gravity filter to add to your gear setup.

Read the full article, written by Pete Ortiz here.


December 3, 2023

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