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4 Pieces of Essential New England Hiking Gear for Fall

Don’t go peeping without it.

As a relative newcomer to New England, my first leaf-peeping season blew me away. For a former Pacific Northwesterner, the colors are jaw-dropping- except for a few glorious stands of golden larches in Washington State, there's precious little autumnal color in the evergreen Pacific Northwest, where I spent the last decade. But fall in northern New England requires its own specialized kit to stay safe, dry, and stable on your journey to take in all the sugar maples and quaking aspen you can handle.

Continue reading about the Fall hiking essentials for New England, written by Benjamin Tepler here.


October 13, 2022

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Benjamin Tepler

Benjamin Tepler is a gear editor for Outside Inc and Backpacker with a focus on hiking and backpacking equipment. As a former food critic, he is a strong advocate for the advancement of better-tasting backpacking food.


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