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Water filtration is done right with Sawyer water filters. Sawyer water filters offer the highest level of filtration on the market today due to Sawyer’s water filtration technology. Sawyer’s hollow fiber membrane water filters are comprised of U-shaped micro tubes that allow water to enter into their core through tiny micro pores while trapping bacteria and protozoa on the outside. The high volume of these tubes creates a huge surface area, which results in a very high flow rate and less cleaning. Sawyer is committed to quality in its water filters; each filter is quality control tested three times before it reaches the shelf so you can be confident that no harmful protozoa, bacteria, or cysts pass through the filter. If properly maintained, Sawyer filters never need to be replaced and many of them come with a Lifetime Warranty. Watch the video above for more information on the Sawyer Squeeze water filter, the All In One water filter, the Water Treatment Bottle, and the Gravity Bag System.