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Sawyer Stay-Put Sunscreen Lotion is sunscreen done right, offering you the best sun protection. Sawyer Stay-Put Screen lotion bonds to the skin in a unique way that gives you the most comfortable protection you’ve ever experienced; its sun-ray absorbing agents absorb deeper into the skin, not just on the surface of the skin like most sunscreens, making it less likely to rub off or wash off than other surface sunscreens. Sawyer Stay-Put Sunscreen lotion uses a special technology to bond the ray-absorbing agents to the side walls of the layers of skin, making it highly resistant to deterioration due to sweating or swimming and making it very comfortable to wear. Sawyer Stay-Put Sunscreen lotion is a long-lasting, avobenzone-free, broad-spectrum sunscreen that gives you the best coverage and protection against the sun’s harmful rays.