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The Sawyer SAM Splint is essential for every outdoors enthusiast’s pack and for all emergency preparedness kits. Acclaimed by emergency care providers, outdoor enthusiasts, and even NASA astronauts, Sawyer’s SAM Splint is based on the ancient construction principle that curves are strong, and it’s built from a thin layer of soft aluminum alloy sandwiched between two foam layers. Sawyer’s SAM Splint is widely used by medical professionals, but it’s easy for anyone to use. Though its primary function is to secure and protect injured extremities, the Sawyer SAM Splint can also be used as an emergency paddle, windscreen for backpacking stoves, cup or pot insulator, flexible container, or emergency snow shovel. The Sawyer SAM Splint is lightweight, transportable, easy to pack and carry, reusable, economical, waterproof, and radiolucent, making it the ideal item for every every outdoor enthusiast.