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Sawyer’s Blist-O-Ban adhesive bandages use a new technology designed to help prevent blisters and hot spots before they start and to provide relief and comfort if you already have a blister. Sawyer’s Blist-O-Ban adhesive bandages are ideal for athletes, weekend warriors, and outdoor enthusiasts. The secret to Blist-O-Ban adhesive bandages is its patented dome that mimics a blister; it glides smoothly in all directions, deflecting friction and rubbing forces away from the skin. Blist-O-Ban adhesive bandages are breathable, water-resistant, and latex-free and its medical grade adhesive stays in place for a long-lasting bandage. Don’t let a blister ruin your next outing. Check out the video above for more information on Sawyer’s Blist-O-Ban adhesive bandages.