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The World of Difference We Create Together

What started with one charity partner in 2008, has become 140 partners. Our commitment to using water filters to save lives is unwavering in light of the stark need. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are still without clean water. This work feeds our hearts and souls.

The three main categories our products are used are:
·Disaster Relief
·Refugee Camps

The Transformational programs have the longest impact potential. These programs typically allow for thorough training and maintenance lessons that can allow our water filters to last 10+ years. Disaster relief programs often happen too fast for sufficient training but offer the rapid response needed for water needs in emergency situations. In refugee camp situations, the filters offer effective solutions while remaining highly portable.


Waterborne Illness Reduction


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Years Lifespan per System

A Sustainable Difference

Products with Purpose

Offering clean water for a day or a week isn’t enough. A healthy water supply needs to be sustainable to make an impact. We create lasting change with:

  • The highest commitment to quality filters that last longer. Some Sawyer filters have been in consistent use for 10+ years.
  • Charity partnerships that offer long-lasting support through education and ongoing programs
  • Sustained follow-up to track real-time health and financial progress in the communities helped.
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Our International Distributors

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El Salvador

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Our Partners in Giving

It’s our honor to work with 140+ charities in 80 countries. These dedicated non-profits and volunteers change the world one life at a time. Their work on the ground helps us impact 25+ million people with clean, healthy water.

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Water With Blessings logo

Water With Blessings

Water with Blessings partners with mothers of children under 5, equipping and empowering them to bring clean water to their families and communities.
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The Bucket Ministry logo

The Bucket Ministry

A ministry comprised of many different churches, countries and walks of life, The Bucket Ministry shares the gift of clean, safe drinking water to communities the world.
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One ATTA Time logo

One ATTA Time

One ATTA Time exists to bring healing to children around the world by providing short and long term life essentials to those dying from preventable diseases.
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Products with Purpose

Product image of the Sawyer Bucket Adapter Kits

Bucket Adapter Kits

Simple to use and easy to clean, Sawyer Bucket Adapter Kits are the best-in-class for bacteria removal and life change.

Simple to use and easy to clean, Sawyer Bucket Adapter Kits are the best-in-class for bacteria removal and life change. Using technology taken from kidney dialysis, Sawyer water filters use Hollow Fiber Membranes.

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Product image of the tap filtration system.
Paving the way

Tap Filtration System

The Sawyer Tap Filter removes biological contaminants, guaranteeing immediate clean drinking water when you need it most.

It’s the ideal component for use during natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes. Hitting the road? Consider the Tap Filter your pocket-sized peace of mind for.

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A Sawyer Gravity Water Filtration System

Collapsible Gravity Systems

Offering 1 and 2 gallon capacities, Sawyer Gravity Systems are lightweight, robust solutions for filtering large quantities of water – anywhere.

In an emergency? Filter water for a group in as little as 7 minutes with a Sawyer Gravity System. Portable and durable, these systems are ideal for aid during natural disasters.

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How to
Get Involved

Donate to Sawyer Foundation

Your gift provides clean water to communities in developing countries through Sawyer's water filters and bucket systems. These are saving lives all over the world by combining our water filters with the tubing and accessories needed to convert a 5-gallon bucket into a low-cost and long-lasting gravity water filtration system.

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Become a Partner

We have the life changing water filtration technology but we also need more help getting these filters installed around the world. Join us on our mission to change the world by partnering with us to help bring clean water to those in need.

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Rotary: Sawyer

Sawyer is proud to partner with Rotary Clubs around the world. Learn how Rotary is working toward the UN Millennium Development Goal of bringing clean, safe drinking water to everyone. Join your local Rotary Club’s effort or get your club involved.

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Charities and Churches

We are fortunate to work with a variety of charities and churches who are on a mission to make a long lasting impact in the lives of those around the world without access to clean drinking water. See how your charity or church can help bring clean water and hope to developing nations.

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