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Our work has always been about local solutions, birthed from decades of war, by a visionary meeting of key religious leaders in South Sudan. The goal from day one has been to provide clean safe water to as many people as fast as possible.Water is Basic is constantly at work helping local communities establish what we enjoy and so often take for granted: a regular supply of safe clean water.Because we are a local South Sudanese organization, our team has never stopped working on our well projects. But when civil war broke out in 2013, many people had to leave their villages. Some left for refugee camps in Uganda or The Democratic Republic of Congo. Others fled to the bush or to Internally Displaced Camps within the border of South Sudan. Wells were abandoned and left to rust. Other wells broke because of overuse with so many displaced people sharing the wells. An increase in cholera and typhoid come with disruptions to clean water supplies. Our solution was to partner with Sawyer Products to get water filters so families could have instant safe water and the portability to take those filters with them as they move. Our 2017 goal was to distribute 10,000 filters to South Sudan to areas of greatest need and properly train leaders to train others how to use them. That goal was met.

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