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Future Roots Project was invited to collaborate with Rotary Clubs from Oklahoma on a remarkable water filtration project. We distributed 300 filters to families in the rural villages, who were drinking and cooking with contaminated water.

The small, easy to use filtration system was designed by Sawyer to connect to a 5 gallon bucket and it can last for up to 20 years when maintained properly. When it is time to clean the filter, water stops flowing out and can be cleaned by “backwashing it” using a water filled syringe. The tiny microfibers in the filter use a similar process as our kidneys in dialysis and removes 99.9% of all bacteria, reducing common illnesses like diarrhea and parasites.

Each distribution starts with the education component that addresses questions and concerns regarding drinking contaminated water. Many people do not know that the invisible, microscopic parasites in their clear, good tasting water can make their families sick. The next part is the assembly of the filters. After an explanation of each piece, they are shown how to connect the filter to the 5 gallon bucket that has the pre-drilled hole. Then after each recipient assembles their own filter and demonstrates that they successfully know how to clean the filter when needed, they take it home.

Of all the different humanitarian efforts that I have seen, both from Rotary and other organizations, this project makes the most significant, immediate difference in a community. To provide an entire household with clean drinking water for up to 20 years for less than $50.00 per filter is beyond impressive. With the help of our supporters, Future Roots hopes to continue distributing filters in the communities we serve.

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