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The 10 Best Bug Sprays of 2023

The best bug sprays offer long-lasting protection so you can enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

When warmer days and nights approach, you're probably going to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors, whether that means hiking through the woods or simply relaxing on the patio. But with the warm weather comes mosquitos, ticks, and more biting insects, so finding a bug spray that actually works without leaving you feeling like a sticky mess bug spray is a summertime necessity.

To find the best bug sprays, we spent hours researching products, considering ingredients, types, protection duration, and scent. We also spoke with entomologist Abby Lehner; Jamie Mitri, chemical and environmental engineer and founder and CEO of Moss Pure; and Nikki Thomas, writer and backyard specialist at Backyardville, for tips and insight on what to look for when shopping for the right bug spray for you.  

“I recommend long-wear products so you don’t have to reapply as frequently,” says Lehner. “Most topical products fall in the range between four to eight hours.”

From heavy-duty repellents to all-natural sprays, we’ve rounded up the best bug sprays that actually do their job. Not a fan of sprays? We’ve included a few bug-repellent lotions and wipes, too. Plus, nearly all of our picks are registered by the EPA, meaning they have been evaluated and approved for human safety and effectiveness.

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October 20, 2023

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L. Daniela Alvarez

L. Daniela Alvarez has been writing about plant care, home organization, cleaning, lifestyle, and culture since 2018. With more than 70 houseplants, she has become an expert on plant care and home organization and decor. Highlights: * 10 years of experience as a freelance writer and editor * Contributor to national publications, including The Kitchn, INSIDER, and Apartment Therapy * Contributor to "The Black Friend: On Being a Better White Person" by Frederick Joseph

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