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Wirecutter’s 5 Most Popular Picks in August 2019

Well, Wirecutter readers ignored my advice from last month and bought even more bath towels. The Frontgate Resort Cotton Bath Towel was once again our top-selling item. I’m out of jokes and eating my words now, because I too purchased a new towel set in August (thanks to an exclusive discount we secured for our second-annual Wirecutter Deal Day).

Summer may be ending, but a few of our top picks for travel (namely travel pillows, travel plug adapters, and carry-on luggage) hit the top of the Wirecutter charts this month. Readers also remembered to grab backup Lightning cables, USB phone chargers, and water bottles, all of which are useful accessories for a trip near or far. And if you, like so many other people, are still stocking up on insect repellent, be advised that our favorite brand offers a 3-ounce size that’s safe to pack in your new carry-on bag.

Also popular this month: nonstick pans, bed pillows, air purifiers, umbrellas, mosquito control gear, cable modems, USB-C hubs, surge protectors, electric toothbrushes, robot vacuums, travel mugs, and wireless earbuds.

Head on over to Wirecutter's website to see the top picks for readers purchased in August.


October 22, 2023

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Personally, I use Sawyer’s Fabric Treatment–available in pump or spray–for my hunting and hiking clothes.

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Casserly’s favorite water treatment is a squeeze filter like the SAWYER SQUEEZE filtration system ($29,, which screws onto the included flasks or a plastic water bottle. Squeeze filters are ideal for individual use. They’re light and inexpensive, and you can drink the water immediately through the filter.

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While young babies should be protected with clothing and netting (not chemicals), older babies and children should use a suitable repellent to help avoid bites, discomfort, and insect-borne illnesses.

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