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Best Water Filters of 2021 – Reviews & Guide

Public drinking water supplies are teeming with more than 90 chemical, microbial and radiological contaminants, many of which pose a serious health risk. I’m not surprised if you want to remove these contaminants from your water as quickly and effectively as possible.

I’ve been working in the water filter industry for nearly a decade, writing for and other key water industry publications, including HowStuffWorks, Water Quality Product Magazine, Water and Wastes Digest Magazine, Sawyer Products.

When there are so many water filters available nowadays, a filter has to offer something really special to make it onto this list. After so long in this industry, I’m well aware of the products that are consistently favorites amongst customers, based on reliability, performance, contaminant removal capabilities, quality of construction, filter capacity, and much more.

In this guide, I’ve shared:

  • The best water filters worth investing in this year
  • The most popular filtration methods you should know about
  • Things you should consider before purchasing a water filter

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December 3, 2023

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Water Filter Guru

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