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The 8 Best Filtered Water Bottles for Clean Water on Every Adventure

We researched and tested dozens of outdoor gear expert-approved picks

Whether you're traveling internationally, hiking the backcountry, or just hitting your local gym, having access to clean water is essential to avoid the dangerous effects of dehydration. The best filtered water bottles are beneficial beyond their hydrating capabilities: They provide peace of mind in knowing that you won’t risk falling sick from bacteria-ridden water, they are cheaper and more sustainable than single-use water bottles, and they are a great space-saving option.

Finding a reliable and well-vetted brand is vital when choosing a filtered water bottle; otherwise, you may risk serious negative health effects.1 To find the best options on the market, we first spoke with outdoor gear experts to learn more about what key features to look for. Then, we tested two of our top selections in the Verywell Testing Lab, paying special attention to drinkability, seal, portability, insulation, durability, and value.

Here are the best personal water filters on the market written by By Michelle Parente.


March 15, 2024

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For clothing and gear (but not skin), Sawyer Products’s permethrin repellent is as effective as similar formulas at repelling ticks and mosquitoes, and its trigger spray is easier to control.

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While not technically a filtered water bottle, Sawyer Products’ water filtration system can transform anything into a safe, clean drinking vessel. Simply fill up the included reusable pouch at any water source, screw the pouch onto the filter, and either drink directly from the filter or squeeze the now-filtered water into another vessel (like a water bottle or pot for cooking).

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The Sawyer Squeeze is a time-tested, on-the-go filtration system. This lightweight option is wonderful for personal use, providing great functionality on multi-day excursions and daily adventures in the backcountry.

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