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You probably never heard of this destination: 6 cool facts about The Marshall Islands

Written by Kathleen Wong

Don’t be fooled by its mellow, slow-paced island lifestyle and pristine beaches, the Marshall Islands is a fascinating place with a rich ancient culture, dark history and uncertain future.  

Located between Hawaii and Australia, the country is one of the world’s youngest and smallest, but not many people will ever experience the warmth of the Marshall Islands – both its tropical climate and hospitable culture. The very remote atoll nation remains one of the least visited countries in the world – only about 6,000 people a year make the trek to the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

It's an exciting time for the Marshall Islands right now. The country is seeing its first wave of scientists and engineers who want to help the islands become more sustainable. The country also hopes to welcome more tourists and share its natural beauty and oceanic culture.

If you’re unable to make the journey to the Marshall Islands but want to learn more about the under-the-radar country, here’s what you should know.


September 27, 2023

Written by
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Kathleen Wong

Consumer Travel Reporter

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