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Camping packing list: Everything you need for a night in the backcountry (or just your yard)

Whether we're sitting by bonfires at a drive-up campground or backcountry cooking by a remote stream, for most of us camping is usually fun in proportion to how well prepared we are. That's why when you set out into the forest it's important to have thought through your camping packing list.

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Not every camping packing list should be the same. Car camping usually means room for more amenities and heavier gear, whereas overnight backpacking trips might call for packs pared down to essentials only. Some people look for ultralight specialty equipment, while some people like to camp in something a little more chic.

Check out our picks for the gear you'll need in your camping packing list. Whether you're shopping for you or for a gift, we've got the gear you'll need for National Camp Day and beyond. Read the full article written by Gabriel Morgan here.


October 20, 2023

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Gabriel Morgan

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