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The 10 Best Camping Water Filters [2022]

Access to clean water is vital if you want to stay safe in the great outdoors. A camping water filter will remove waterborne bacteria, protozoa, and viruses and also reduce chemical odors and toxins.

Affordable, compact, and incredibly useful, these water filters can be an absolute lifesaver while you are away from home.

Things To Consider With Camping Water Filters

Because not all water filters are the same, you should consider the following before you buy:


There are some really fancy water filters available that promise to turn even the murkiest of river water into something that is clean and safe to drink.

When you are camping, you don’t need whistles and bells, but you do need an effective, reliable filter that’s compact enough to carry around with you. The most popular types of filters for camping are:

  • Straw Filters — These can be used to drink directly from the water source, and they feature a built-in element that filters all the nasties out of the water before it hits your lips. They are lightweight, easy to use, and great for solo trips, but they can be difficult to clean between uses.
  • Pump Filters — These require you to physically pump water from the source in order for it to pass through the filter to provide you with clean, fresh drinking water. An excellent choice for adventures where water may be scarce, the pump function allows you to extract water from puddles and shallow water sources.
  • Gravity Filters — These types of filters need to be hung up high and can get heavy when full, but they offer effective filtration on the go. You simply need to fill the reservoir and wait for it to filter through. Most models come with 2 separate reservoir bags, one for clean and one for dirty water, and with a built-in filter, they can be very effective at removing bacteria and dangerous chemicals from the water.

Flow Rate

The flow rate refers to how fast the water will flow through the filter, and this is usually measured in liters per minute.

A fast flow rate ensures quick and easy access to clean water when you need it the most, although most filters have a flow rate of around 1 liter per minute, which is more than acceptable, even in extreme conditions.

Are you interested in learning more about the best camping water filters in 2022? Amar Hussain's complete article prodives information on all things to consider with camping water filters, you can read it here.


December 3, 2023

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