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United Caribbean Relief: Sawyer PointOne Water Filtration Systems

Donated for the people of Dominica following hurricane Maria.
The Sawyer Point One Filter is the fastest, easiest and most cost efficient way to get potable water.

Up to 500 gallons of potable water a day, cleaner than US bottled water anywhere in the world! Millions of gallons for a onetime cost Simple gravity operated design Easy to maintain and use Providing clean water to 50 countries and counting…

Head on over to United Caribbean Relief's website to learn more or donate.


December 3, 2023

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United Caribbean Relief

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United Caribbean Trust (UCT) is a Barbadian registered charity #842, UCT is managed by a board of Trustees an Executive board and a Management/Advisory board all our accounts are Audited by a Charter Accountant Firm in Barbados and we pride ourselves on the fact that 90% of our donations get on the ground, quickly and to the most needy.

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