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Stocking Stuffers for Hikers, Campers, Runners, Skiers, and Bikers


All good gifts--no matter their size or cost--can make life a little easier, more fun, or more beautiful.

This list of stocking stuffers for hikers, campers, runners, skiers, and bikers includes our favorite outdoor gifts this year.

This list of gift ideas includes the gear we’ve personally given as gifts or presents we’ve enjoyed receiving (or would want to receive!).

Yes, a few of our recommendations may require extra “stuffing” to fit them in a stocking, but we still think these gifts are winners.

With so many options for hikers, campers, runners, skiers, and bikers, you should be able to find the perfect stocking stuffer for the outdoors person in your life.


A water filter is a handy gift for anyone who spends time outdoors. A water filter is a nice thing to have in a day pack, emergency bag, or to keep in the car during road trips. It’s also a great gift for the day hiker, camper, or distance cyclist who usually has all the water they need, but will want a way to treat water in case of emergency.

A few years ago, back in my corporate job, I was assigned a Secret Santa. I didn’t know the guy but knew he was into the outdoors. The Sawyer Mini Water Filter was a great gift because I knew it was a piece of gear he’d use and it fits perfectly within the Secret Santa price limit.

The Mini is a smaller, lightweight, and less expensive version of the Sawyer Squeeze, which won our Overall Best Water Filter award in our Best Water Filters and Purifiers guide. Unlike the Squeeze, the Mini comes in multiple colors and even a bulk variety pack--so you can gift a Mini to everyone in the family!

You can continue reading the complete list of stocking stuffer ideas for the outdoor person in your life here


December 3, 2023

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