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What to Wear Hiking in Summer


With the summer season in full swing, our summer hiking wardrobe comes out of the closet again. When hiking in warm and hot weather, hikers sweat more, and we’ll want hiking clothes that are lighter layers to keep us comfortable as conditions change. Whether you're day hiking in national parks, backpacking, or climbing mountains above treeline, here is my time-tested hiking clothing checklist and favorite tips for summer hikes.

This article delves into hiking clothes that work for me while hiking in warm conditions, both below and above treeline. In this story, I'll walk you through how to layer for summer hiking in warm and hot weather. I'm a mountain guide and was the first woman to hike all 11 National Scenic Trails. Here's what I advise my hiking clients to use and my trail-tested way of layering and tips for what to wear summer hiking and backpacking.

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September 27, 2023

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Arletta Laan

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