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25 Gifts Under $25


We think gifts don’t need to be expensive to make a big difference in an outdoor person’s life.

In fact, we find small, inexpensive, strategically-designed gear so important, we dedicated a full story to all the little things that can make your outdoor trip feel 100% better.

Whether that means giving a specially-designed spoon that keeps hands clean when digging in a freeze-dried meal pouch or socks that don’t bunch or cause blisters, your thoughtful gift can create beauty and happiness in an outdoor person’s life.

These 25 gift ideas under $25 are designed to be standalone gifts that are so fully-complete, no one will realize you were on a budget. These gifts won’t fit in a stocking but will be well-loved. They’re based on the simple belief that the fewer gear-related problems, the more energy a person has to focus on nature, taking care of their body, and having fun.

The 25 gifts are the outdoorsy it ems that we’re giving to loved ones (even the not super outdoorsy ones) or that we hope to receive this year. Have fun! May the creative gift-giving begin here.


December 3, 2023

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