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12 Amazon 'Holy Grail' Travel Items That Have Thousands of Shopper Reviews — and They Start at $10

Don't forget to pack any of these travel essentials.Including anti-aging sunscreen, comfy clothing and footwear, and items to beat jet-lag.

There are beloved products, and then there are holy grails. As a shopping editor, I come across the term constantly, and when I do, I think, “Here it is. This is the one.” Amazon reviewers, in particular, lean on this terminology, but only for stuff that has truly earned the title. You could say "holy grail" is the holy grail of compliments. But once you see more than one customer christening a product with this nickname, you can stop your search, because you’ve found a tried-and-true option fellow shoppers love.

Such is the case with plenty of travel items that have been deemed holy grails by shoppers for your packing list. They include everything from a sunscreen that’s made the cut after all the other brands were road-tested, a lesser-known stain remover wipe that’s become an Amazon no. 1 best-seller, and a reusable water bottle that’s managed to outrank its brand-name competitors because it’s more “elegant to carry around.” There’s even a brilliant pair of airport shoes that will have you kicking your sneakers to the curb.

The Amazon reviewers have spoken, and these are their 12 popular, coveted-yet-quite-attainable holy grail products for travel.

As an avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast, I’m always looking for destinations that have a lot of opportunities to be active. Hiking, biking, kayaking, rafting, scuba diving — I do it all and I love it all. So, when I heard that Intrepid Travel was offering a hiking, biking, kayaking Sri Lanka trip, I signed up immediately, and quickly started putting together a packing list.

Since each activity required its own gear, I had to put a lot of thought into what I brought on the three-week-long adventure. And, because I’d prefer to not be hauling around multiple massive suitcases, I always travel light with items that work well across multiple activities — say, leggings that are great for both hiking and biking, a poolside cover-up that doubles as an everyday shirt or dress, and hiking sneakers that could be worn from the trail to the city streets. I also had to take Sri Lanka's wonderfully warm climate into account (luckily, I was visiting during the dry season, but I knew rain was still possible); this meant that I'd need clothing that was moisture-wicking, cooling, and quick-drying.

Whether you’re heading to Mexico, Morocco, or Machu Picchu (or you’re lucky enough to visit Sri Lanka), here’s what you’ll need for your next active trip this spring or summer. This foolproof packing list will keep you comfortable, dry, and safe on the trails, roads, and rivers so you can focus on having fun.

Here's everything you need to pack written by Kristine Soloman.


May 29, 2024

Written by
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Kristine Solomon

Kristine has over 20 years of experience as an editor, writer, and site director for major NYC-based publications including Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, Yahoo Life, and The Nest. She specializes in travel, beauty, style, home, and health. She's a big fan of experiential travel, immersing herself in other cultures as if she were a local.

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