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Thought Catalog: 33 Ways To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

If there’s a zombie apocalypse, you can’t forget to pack these necessities mentioned on Ask Reddit.
1. Motorcycle gear. Motorcycle pants, jackets, and gloves are designed to prevent road rash injuries and are really tough. Wearing them (especially if you also use the helmet) makes you immune to bites.

2. Towels. Nobody thinks about wrapping their arms in them. Try to bite through a towel, zombie.

3. A good water filtration device like a Lifestraw or Sawyer Mini. One of them can often filter thousands of gallons of water without a hiccup. You can only go a few short days without clean drinking water, so it’s pretty likely that you’d die of dehydration before a zombie actually kills you.

See the full list from January Nelson on Thought Catalog's website here.


May 6, 2022

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Fresh drinking water is essential. This water filtration system ensures you will never run out as long as there is a nearby natural water source. It can filter out bacteria, protozoa and microplastics.

Allen Foster


Faster and more efficient than pumping or waiting for chemical treatments, the Sawyer Squeeze System offers on-the-go hydration at a good flow. This product is long-lasting, affordable, reliable, cleanable, and very user-friendly.

Alan Dixon


But Sawyer was way ahead of me — 15 years ahead, to be precise. In 2008, the brand started its Clean Water for All initiative, which provides Sawyer filters to developing countries around the world. And the company spends 90% of its profits funding it.

Shauna Farnell