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Overlanding is all about self-sufficiency. When you see an overland vehicle passing you on a dirt road, it is hard not to feel like you are a bit unprepared. The good news is that you don’t need to buy an entirely new camping vehicle to fit everything on our overland gear list.

You will, however, need to add overlanding essentials to make sure you can help yourself out of a jam if needed.

Overlanding is defined as “a form of self-reliant adventure travel in which the journey is prioritized over the destination.”

In other words, overland adventure is more about challenging yourself to live comfortably in an unconventional manner than it is about where you decide to drive and camp along the way. We hope this overland gear list helps you succeed in your adventures!

What is Overland Gear?

As you can imagine, any essential piece of gear that makes you feel more self-sufficient on your camping travels can be considered ‘overland gear’. Everything you need for this type of travel, however, must fit in your vehicle of choice.

So the equipment that you use for this type of adventure travel must be relatively compact, durable, and (in an ideal world) be multi-purpose in nature.

Our Overland Gear List

The best way to share the top picks on our overland gear list is to break them up into categories according to their use. So, without further adieu, here is a useful overland gear checklist for your next overland trip, written by Tucker Ballister.


May 7, 2022

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Of all the creepy crawlers, ticks keep me on high alert. They can be very tiny in the nymph stage and difficult to see. They love to hang out in tall grasses along the trail and hitch a ride on hikers passing by. I plan on treating most of my clothes and gear with Sawyer Permethrin.

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Ultra-compact and lightweight

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I would often just drink directly from the sawyer squeeze if I was feeling lazy- which by the way works wonderfully.

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