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Don’t Fall For These 7 Backpacking Gear Myths

Backpackers love to tell you what to do. If you’ve ever spent time in the backcountry, chances are you’ve heard a lot of advice, sometimes solicited, mostly not. Something along the lines of, “X serves the best burger on the AT,” or “I know it’s only 8am, but you really have to camp at that lake in one mile. It’s the best campsite ever.” Have you ever had someone tell you that, “Drinking vinegar keeps bugs away”? I hope not. Backpacking myths abound.

And here’s the kicker, only some of this advice is true while other parts are bogus. While their intentions may be good, hiker advice, particularly thru-hiker advice, is often filled with misinformation that has been passed through the trekking community for years. And no aspect of backpacking is safe. Whether it is about food, weather, or the trail itself, advice should all be taken with a grain of salt. Gear talk is no exception. From water bottle cap sizing to waterproofing, here are seven myths about backpacking gear to watch out for.

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October 25, 2023

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Brian Garner

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