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The Best Mosquito Repellents for Your Yard

Our top pick is the Sawyer Products Picaridin Continuous Spray Insect Repellent

Written by Amanda Rose Newton

Mosquitos can make even the most-looked-forward-to outdoor activities unbearable, both for their annoying bites and their propensity to transmit diseases such as dengue, West Nile, and in recent years, Zika.

An effective insect repellent can help you better enjoy the outdoors, especially in humid areas, where the pests proliferate.

After evaluating dozens of products for their effectiveness, longevity of protection, and ease of use, we determined that the best overall product is the Picaridin Insect Repellent from Sawyer Products.

Here are our choices for the best mosquito repellents to keep the outdoor pests at bay.


June 4, 2022

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Amanda Rose Newton

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So, to me, Sawyer’s Picaridin Insect Repellent is a dream.

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