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Water With Blessings is collecting water filtration kits to send to Ukraine

Those who remain in war zones within Ukraine are drinking groundwater and melted snow because the bombs landing there have destroyed critical infrastructure, the New York Times has reported.

To ensure potable water is available, Water With Blessings is partnering with Razom for Ukraine to provide WWB Emergency Kits.

Water With Blessings is a nonprofit water purification ministry based in Louisville. Born of a desire to stymie diseases caused by contaminated water, the organization typically trains women how to use filters to provide remote communities with clean drinking water. However, with the current state of affairs in Ukraine, Water With Blessings has partnered with a youth organization that has connections to volunteers on the ground.

Razom for Ukraine is a nonprofit that has been around since 2014. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine last month, the organization has been sending aid shipments every week to their contacts in the war zones of their home country.

“‘Razom’ means ‘together’ which sums up our sense of how to best help those suffering in Ukraine; by working together,” Water With Blessings’ website states. “We like that Razom is a small, flexible organization led by Ukrainians. We like their pragmatic, gutsy approach: get supplies to the border to meet up with Razom volunteers in private vehicles who are slipping under the radar to get relief to the front lines of the war.”

Although the relationship between the two nonprofits is only a few weeks old, Water With Blessings’ executive director, Ursuline Sister of Mount St. Joseph Larraine Lauter, said it’s going well.

She said Razom has been shipping pallets of medical supplies to the Polish border and transporting them to the civil defense units deep in Ukraine.

“I’m sure people have contributed to support refugees,” Sister Lauter said. “And they need all the help they can get. But so do people who have been unable to escape and people in the civil defense units.

If you interested in reading the complete article, written by Kayla Bennett, find it here.


May 19, 2022

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