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How to Keep Chiggers from Biting

Digestive enzymes left in chigger bites can drive a person crazy with itching. What are the best ways to keep chiggers from biting?

Chiggers, also known as red bugs or berry bugs, are among the annoyances of summer. Unlike ticks or mosquitoes, they don’t usually carry deadly diseases, although we may have to revise that opinion soon. Chigger bites swell, redden and itch maddeningly. Can you keep chiggers from biting when you are outside?

Can Home Remedies Keep Chiggers from Biting?

Q. My garden is full of chiggers and the itch from the bites drives me crazy. I made a mixture of amber Listerine, oil of orange and vanilla extract and sprayed it on my body. I took special care to cover my ankles and bands around my underpants and bras. In addition, I sprayed my hair and neck.

I am happy to report it was very effective and smelled like bubble gum. I detected just one bite under my arm and will be more careful with that spot in the future. I hope this helps others who are bothered by those pesky critters.

A. Thank you for sharing your innovative preventive strategy. Many readers also suggest dusting socks and shoes with flowers of sulfur. This old-fashioned bug repellent can often be found in garden supply stores. Be careful not to inhale the powder, though. Take a shower when you come in from outside to scrub off any chiggers that may have escaped the sulfur deterrent.

Explore more ways to stay protected from chiggers by reading the complete article written by Teresa Graedon.


October 20, 2023

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