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Kibera Campaign

The Kibera Slums are tucked away in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya. The proximity of this slum–marked by rusted tin rooftops, concrete shacks, and cracked dirt roads–to modern day wealth and prosperity is disturbing. In 2018, we ran a trial distribution of one-hundred filters and conducted four follow-up visitations over several months to determine the viability of our process on each family’s physical and spiritual health. We found by overwhelming consensus that Kibera was indeed a place where God was calling us to work.


To remain “mission-true” and to share the love of God through the gift of clean, safe, drinking water. This includes using the bucket filter as an initial entry strategy and then providing follow up visitations to facilitate deeper, spiritual, relational equity. This process opens the door for other like-minded organizations to partner with us and provide other community transformation opportunities.

Continue reading the scope of the work the Bucket Ministry is doing in Kibera here.


October 30, 2023

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The Bucket Ministry

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