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The 11 Best Bug Repellents of 2020 from The Spruce

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A favorite bug repellent with a record of effectiveness is Sawyer's Permethrin Pump Spray. A CDC-recommended insect repellent, Sawyer's uses picaridin to ward off mosquitos, flies, ticks, chiggers, and other nuisance insects. Emily Mader, Program Manager of the Department of Entomology at the Northeast Regional Center for Excellence in Vector-Borne Diseases, explains why it’s so important to note what pests a repellent is targeting. She says, “Keep in mind is that not all repellents will work the same on different insects. Your product label will let you know if the repellent is effective against mosquitoes, flies, and/or ticks.”

Available in a spray or lotion, Sawyer's products earn some of the highest marks for long-lasting protection as the spray lasts up to 12 hours and the lotion up to 14 hours. Many users also appreciate how easy it is to spray both skin and clothes with Sawyer Insect Repellent without worrying about damaging fabrics or finishes, which sometimes occurs with high-concentration DEET insect repellents. In addition, most people find the scent of picaridin to be much less overpowering than DEET.

In general, people rave about the effectiveness of Sawyer Insect Repellent. Whether you have casual outdoor plans or deep woods activities in mind, this bug repellent is safe, effective, and long-lasting.

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May 6, 2022

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