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We Tested 15 Mosquito Repellents, And These Kept Us Bite-Free

We asked literal bug experts to share their recs — and then we put these bug-banishers to the test.

Mosquito repellent is the categorical opposite of pheromone perfume. Unlike the latter, which attracts babes, the former bucks bugs.

True to its name, mosquito repellent uses a combination of active ingredients — like DEET or picaridin —to discourage insects from docking on your skin and feasting on your blood. The result of using these products is that whether you’re spending the day swimming, running, hiking, or BBQ-ing, without worrying about a gnat attack ruining your fun.

So which are the most effective mosquito repellents on the market? After testing 15 different products for over 600 hours and evaluating them on effectiveness, ease of use, smell, coverage, and value, we’re got the answer. Below, you’ll learn the best products for stopping itching and muting buzz before it starts — plus, get all your questions about DEET and how mosquito repellent works, answered.

Our Top Picks


Off! Family Care Insect Repellent With Picaridin at Amazon


EarthKind Stay Away Mosquitoes Insect Repellent at Amazon


Off! Active Insect Repellent at Amazon


Sawyer Products 20% Picaridin Insect Repellent at Amazon

Continue reading the full article and further details on the various mosquito repellents here.


October 20, 2023

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While young babies should be protected with clothing and netting (not chemicals), older babies and children should use a suitable repellent to help avoid bites, discomfort, and insect-borne illnesses.

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