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19 Hiking Emergency Kit Items to Pack on Your Outdoor Adventures

From a headlamp to a GPS, these products will ensure you're prepared for anything.

The start of the fall hiking season might find you browsing AllTrails or breaking in new hiking boots—but hopefully, you'll also spend some time assembling a hiking emergency kit. And by that, we don't necessarily mean a true kit that fits tidily in the front pocket of your backpack (although if you're that good of a packer, we commend you). The full breadth of items you may need in an outdoor emergency can run the gamut from, say, ibuprofen and tweezers to bivy sacks and GPS communicators. In the name of staying safe on the trail, we've taken a closer look at what type of hiking gear you should think about packing.

What belongs in a hiking emergency kit?

As SELF has previously reported, the hiking and conservation non-profit the Mountaineers originated the concept of the “10 Essentials", or the 10 key items hikers should bring on their outdoor adventures. These items are intended to come in handy when the unexpected, if not an outright emergency, arises. You can think of them as a starter survival kit in one tidy list. They'll help you find your way if you get lost, repair your belongings, get your campsite in working order, keep you fed and warm, and ensure you have somewhere to sleep through the night.

Continue reading about the emergency kit items to pack, written by Sara Coughlin here.


November 8, 2022

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“There is no harm in hoping for the best as long as you are prepared for the worst.” Stephen King.

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