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IRUSA Mobilizes Aid to Texans in Frigid Power Outage

An unusual winter storm sent a wave of freezing temperatures across Texas in the middle of February. On the 14th of the month the state saw multiple locations drop to temperatures of (-18C). Millions were caught completely off guard while witnessing their neighborhoods be enveloped in ice. Since then over 40 people have lost their life and in some tragic cases children have died of hypothermia.

The US National Weather Service (NWS) stated that the “Arctic outbreak” flowed in from above the US-Canada border, causing a winter snow storm accompanied by devastating temperatures. Entire districts went without power for multiple days.

Residents now face an extended crises after the storm has passed. Due to the drop in temperatures, hundreds of thousands of homes had bursted pipes, flooding basements, roofs caved in, and electrical damage. The journey to recovery will be challenging.

Making a Way for Texas

IRUSA’s DRT team launched a full emergency and headed into some of Texas’s worst hit cities such as Dallas, Plano, Irving, and Frisco. In Dallas we worked in conjunction with Project Maruf to provide emergency items such as blankets, water, hot meals, hygiene kits, masks, and groceries to over 700 refugees without power and water. in Houston 2.5 pallets of water, face masks, and hygiene kits were distributed to 6 Partners and Masjid’s serving as Warming Centers.

Fire departments in Houston facing increased strain on resources were also assisted with their water distribution efforts. For food and financial relief Culturingua will be receiving extended support. Because thousands of families have lost everything in the current crises IRUSA is committing $80,000 in cash assistance to help recovery.


IRUSA is proud to partner with the many organizations and Masjid’s who answered the call. To become more effective and efficient our next of support will be in emergency preparedness for local Masjids. Trainings will soon be facilitated along with emergency response equipment such as generators. Please continue to support our neighbors as they work to recover from a crushing experience.

Find the complete article written by Tariq Touré here.


May 8, 2022

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