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What's in Your Bug-Out Bag?

Your ideal bug-out bag depends on your needs. Here's what J.D. Tuccille puts in his.

Whether you call the result a bug-out bag, a go bag, a 72-hour bag, or something else, there's no such thing as an ideal assortment to grab in emergencies. It depends on you and your needs. Since I consider my residence a refuge, I keep a get-home bag in the car in case I need to head to family and safety. If the emergency is at home (probably from a wildfire), my wife and I have a list of items, including important papers, that we'd add to the vehicle with the bags.

My get-home equipment is largely repurposed from my desert-appropriate backpacking gear, keeping in mind that I'm at least as likely to be in a motel as in a wilderness campsite.

Go through your bag from time to time. Check for gear that, like my rain jacket, might wander. Batteries need frequent swapping, and expiration dates on food and medical supplies should be checked.

Read the full article written by J.D. Tuccille here.


October 21, 2023

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J.D. Tuccille

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