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Zion National Park, Utah, is freaking beautiful. It’s what people are referring to when they say things like “the most amazing destinations in the United States are its National Parks.” The red cliffs rising high above the green foliage elicit the kind of awe that you can only find in other US National Parks.

For those of us who are self-described as “outdoorsy,” the whole park is one giant, exciting playground waiting to be discovered on foot, camping or rock-climbing gear in tow (or in my case, a day-bag full of snacks). Zion National Park is full of amazing day hikes that unlock its mysteries, step by step!


Zion’s red-rock canyon, carved out by water millions of years ago, is 15-miles long, half a mile deep, and crosses three different ecosystems, with a history as unique as the rust-colored sandstone itself. When the area was first declared a National Monument back in 1909, it was actually called Mukuntuweap, which means ‘straight canyon’ in the Nuwuvi language, describing the narrow and cavernous lower part of the canyon.

Zion was Utah’s very first National Park and ever since its inception in 1919, has been quietly gaining a solid reputation as something of a true hiking mecca. Over the past few years, Zion has become a kind of buzz-word for adventure. It’s a park with a rep for tough hikes and insane views, plus some pretty incredible rewards.

Interested in learning more about beautiful Zion? Continue reading the complete article contributed by Matt Burns here.


October 21, 2023

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